The Roles and Responsibilities of a Front End Developer – My opinion from my experience

The Frontend Developer has the main responsibility of producing, maintaining, and supporting the business’s web-based software systems and platform. You have to take part in all aspects of software/site development cycles, all the way from the gathering of the necessary requirements for product code development and maintenance.

You have to lead the business’s web-based and software development efforts.

List of roles and responsibilities

User Interface:  In the user interface, You have to work closely with the person who takes the responsibility of photoshop/sketch like a visual designer and UX designer. You have to play a leading role in the translation of the user interface design wireframes into actual code that produces visual elements of the website/software in progress and ensure the technical feasibility of these user interface designs for the best user experience possible.

API/Logic/Functionality: In here you have to work with the backend developer. Backend developer is the person who takes the responsibility of the API. He/she will provide you the API. You have to collect the API documentation from them. Now test API by using postman. Do some request get,post,put,delete etc. Check yourself the API is working fine as per software requirements. Is there anything related to API don’t hesitate to communicate with the backend developer.

Troubleshooting and Testing:  You have to play a role in troubleshooting and fixing any frontend issues and tests the site/software for multi-device and cross-browser capability.

Collaboration/Communication: I think this is the most important part of a frontend developer because you have to work closely with the different team member. You have to work closely with the backend team and design team also you have to communicate with your project manager and QA team member.


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